Justice Hub believes that International Justice matters to everyone.

That's why we established a platform which creates conversations about international justice processes between affected people and the community of international justice professionals.

We are the place where different perspectives about international crimes - such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and crimes of aggression as well as the actions and procedures of The Hague courts and tribunals - are exchanged and discussed.

By offering relevant journalistic content, we help to illustrate the different conversations regarding international justice while bridging the gap between different communities affected by international justice.

Our sister websites Ivoire Justice (in French) and The Hague Trials Kenya, with over 250.000 followers each, have proven to be highly relevant for the world of international justice.

Justice Hub has partnered with ICL Media Review in order to bring the 'Weekly IJ News Review.'  ICL Media Review is an independent small UK charity which aims to provide a survey of news and developments affecting international criminal law and international human rights in a neutral and impartial manner.  ICL Media Review provides a daily post of the most up to date developments, as well as the ‘Weekly IJ News Review’.  For all posts from ICL Media Review visit: iclmediareview.com.

How we work

We provide a website displaying relevant journalistic content, opinions, discussion-starters and moderation. Additionally, we operate social media sites responding to the individual needs of our users.

Users can take part by starting a discussion, liking someone else's comments  or inviting friends to come and talk about international justice.


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