ICC Dictionary - Numbers 1-10

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 13:46

By Benjamin Duerr*

The ICC Dictionary is a guide for everyone interested in the proceedings in The Hague. It contains almost 200 of the most important terms and concepts with short explanations in alphabetical order. Justice Hub is presenting a selection of some of the terms highlighted by the Dictionary. 

5 seconds rule: The 5 seconds rule is an informal set of behavior that holds that everyone should wait a few seconds before speaking. Since everything is translated simultaneously it is necessary, especially during examinations, to give the interpreters a few seconds before answering or reacting.

60 day rule: The 60 day rule holds that the ICC’s Rome Statute becomes binding on a new member state after a minimum of 60 days. Once a state has deposited its instruments of ratification of the Statute and it has been accepted, the Statute becomes binding on the first day of the month after 60 days following the acceptance.

Have a look at the other letters: ABCDEFGHIJLMNOPRST, V and W.

The ICC Dictionary by Justice Hub and ICCobserver guides you through the complex world of terms and concepts at the ICC.

Benjamin Duerr is a correspondent and foreign reporter covering the International Criminal Court and the war crimes tribunals in The Hague. 


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