Frenkie: "if we don't react, who will?"

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Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 16:04

A series from Justice Hub: personal stories related to international justice and The Hague.

Adnan Hamidović a.k.a. Frenkie was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the age of 10, war broke out in his country, and he and his family were forced to go into exile. Frenkie grew up in Nuremberg, Germany, where he gave his first steps in the hip-hop world and developed his critical sense.

His themes often  deal with the political situation in Bosnia and the dangers of radicalization if young people are not aware of the past. The war ended nearly two decades ago, but there is still a lot of animosity between the different groups in the former Yugoslavia. As one of Frenkie’s friends puts it, “there is no war, but there is no peace either”.

Frenkie says he has one line that was a big inspiration for him for almost all of his songs:  “if we don’t react who will? Because we are the ones who we are waiting for.”

He shared his story in September at The Hague Talks in the Peace Palace. 

Frenkie’s website - Facebook account.

Photo: João Pires/Justice Hub


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