Legal representative of the victims in Gbagbo case answers Facebook followers’ questions


By Justice Hub

Justice Hub’s sister site, Ivoire Justice, recently interviewed Paolina Massidda, the  Principal Counsel of Public Counsel for Victims at the International Criminal Court (ICC) about the case against former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo. The wide-ranging interview was based on questions posed by Ivoire Justice’s Facebook followers.

The interview took place at the ICC in The Hague on June 30, 2014.

Click here for a transcript on the entire interview, which was conducted in French.

Transcript of video clip:

The victims have to tell their story, what happened, using an official form. So, they have to provide details. They have to give the date when the events took place, where they happened and who they think were responsible. They all have to answer the question: who, according to you, was responsible? How do the victims answer? That depends. There are victims who saw the perpetrators. There are victims who are able to say: “Mr. Gbagbo’s troops entered my neighborhood”. There are victims who are able to say – and I’m just giving an example – “I saw Mr. Blé Goudé and not somebody else”.

Why are we representing these individuals? Because the Office of the Prosecutor has presented certain charges against Mr. Gbagbo. If the Office of the Prosecutor decides to charge Mr. Ouattara’s side, for instance, there will probably be other victims who will have to be represented at the ICC.

From the very beginning of the process, there’s a political element because it was triggered by the post-election violence. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a political process at the level of the International Criminal Court. Never. 



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